Sorry for not updating for soooooooooo long...

I've updated photo in Flickr so If you are interested in...
Please check!!!
I hope you enjoy with it!!!! ^o^


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Almost addicted to....

Last night I was also sitting in front of PC doing Yahoo Auctions.....
Before going to Tokyo for my friend's wedding,I was looking for a dress(?) that I wanted to wear for the wedding. Then I've found one in there and of course I bought it!!! The dress was arrived in my house and I saw the real dress, I liked it a lot!!

I thought I wasn't going to use Yahoo Auctions any more so I was thinking to quit.
But before quitting, I had another look of clothes auction then I've found another nice one-piece dress(≧ ≦) There were maybe 17 people already put the price.
Anyway I won then I sent the money today... so It's going to arrive soon^o^

And again tonight....I'm sitting in front of PC doing the Auctions.
Then I've found a nice jeans.... then I won again. I think these two weren't really famous. But anyway I'm going to send money again tomorrow....
I think I'm totally addicted to this....ah--------- >__< HELP ME!!!!

Have you ever done this before??????

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Photo of the day

I've decided to take a photo once a day.... I don't know how comes up my mind ?_?
It's going to be a photo of Mt Iwaki mostly but hope everybody won't get bored!!
This weekend I'm going to Tokyo and I borrowed degital camera from my brother so I'm able to take a nice and better photo!!!

I took this photo on the way to go back home from work. Now the sky is lighter and Mt Iwaki looks great and beautiful^o^ Everyday looks different and I love taking a photo!!

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Mt Iwaki

I see Mt Iwaki every day when I go to work and come back from work.
I really appreciate that I can see the Mountain every day.
To see the Mountain makes me happy so I want you to be happy so
there you go...ENJOY INDEED!!! ^o^

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New Grasses(Glasses)!!! ^o^

I had an old grassses which made long long long time ago and even it doesn't fit(??)
I can't see clearly properly with that old grasses.
Finally I bought a new one last sunday but I have a bad eye sight so it took more than week to be done. Normally it will take three days to be made...
Anyway yesterday I've got my new grasses!!! ^o^v
My old one doesn't look good on me. Because one of friend told me that when I put on grasses, I looked dumb INDEED >__<
But with my new grasses, I look good on me!!!
Don't you think???

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It's been a long long time since I wrote last time...
As you know I've been lazy INDEED!! sorry..>__<

So how is your life going?? I hope that everything is going well for all.
These days I don't have nothing to write...
SO this time just I want to show my photos..so please enjoy!!
I will write soon!!!

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Happy New Year 2006

Happy Happy New Year everybody!!!

I hope that everybody had a great Christmas and New year!!!
How was your last year??
When I looked back my 2005. I'm pretty sure that my last year was crap.
It was really tough INDEED..>__< Buy the end of December was pretty good.
I went to Tokyo for my friends wedding and I met up with friend.
I hadn't seen friends in Tokyo for a long time so it was really good to see them.
Of course we can chat forever in a cafe!!! One of the other friend is going to get married on May so I'm going to Tokyo again!!! Her husband is Korean!!! International INDEED!! ^o^
Anyway 2 weeks before 2006 was really enjoyable^o^

My last year's resoluton was CHANGE MY LIFE. But Obviously I couldn't change it. I think this year I can change my life litlle by little....
It's difficult to explain but I'm feeling better than last year about everything.
I'm really glad to feel about myself.. but still life is not easy >__<

Everybody Let's がんばりましょう ^o^

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